Trumpon Sangron


Trumpón Sangrón is a satirical novelty song, written in the Tex-Mex tradition, with a bouncy groove and authentic social commentary from Presidente Vicente Fox & Khizr Khan.

Partners have been performing and writing together since 2009. For Trumpón Sangón, we opened up the mics to our friends to join in a give it an authentic Mexican-American festive air.

Grab a cerveza, taza de vino or Margarita -- and then join us in the chorus.

Nos dice que he loves us, and there’s no one above us
Y va darnos un mansion in the sky He says nos quierre mucho, like he’s our baby Chucho Y nunca va take us for a ride. But when I come home from work each day, I hear him shouting “Dejame,” While he’s golfing at Mar-a-lago all the time
Si digamos “Oye. ¿Qué vas hahacer?” He shows us that he doesn’t care But tells us everything will be just fine (He’s el)

Trumpón, Sangrón, , Huebón, Quierre qué encantarle cada día Trumpón, Cabrón, Mamón No sabe how to tell the truth today

Sometimes he acts big hearted, and tells us that he started To make an America that will be so great Y habla del futuro, of fancy cakes and churros How everyday we’ll dine on wine and steak But tonight we’re eating beans and rice, while he’s campaigning, telling lies And acting like a big shot with his friends
Si digo, “Oye. ¿Qué es és?” It sounds as if it’s to impress His voters, they’re cabrones just like him (He’s el)

Trumpón, Sangrón, Huebón, Le gusta que we cook and clean the kitchens Trumpόn, Cabrón, Mamón, No sabe how to do his job today

When I hear his fanfarronadas, and I know that he’s got nada I wonder how this guy could be so lame And we are learning quickly, while he keeps on talking bigly That nunca will he ever, ever change When I voted on November 8th, I thought I’d told him andale Didn’t know ‘bout Homey Comey or El Putin
With Bannon, Flynn and Manafort
It’s hard to figure out the score
So we’ll just keep on fightin’ til they’re losin’ (Mira)

Trumpón, Sangrón,Cabrón Take a hike before you get indicted, anda
Trumpón, Sangrón, Cabrón Take you wife and kids and go away

Don’t look now, here comes the CIA Grab your chingaderas, andale ‘Cause we’re Americanos all the way.

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