Juntos Siempre


Juntos Siempre is the Spanish version of Side By Side, a tale of finding love when least expected, and the exhilaration that follows.

LA-based, singer/songwriters, Tapia Corel and Jim Rhodes have been performing together as Partners 'n Crime since 2009. They are real 'partners' in life, and recently decided to make the transition of identifying their duo as "Partners" -- with no crime involved -- just guilty pleasures! Their music reflects the experience, trials and tribulations of a life well lived, albeit sprinkled with a few mistakes, which sometimes made for interesting turns and twists of fate -- and in some cases, loads of fun.

Their special vocal blend is reminiscent of those who share the same DNA (think Everly Bro's and The Judds). as well as a chemistry that radiates throughout their work and performance. When they decided to create a Spanish version of their song, Side By Side, they enlisted the aid of singer/songwriter Erasmo (Sal) Salgado, who also contributed the killer harmonies. Each time a new layer was added to the track, it was as if the song demanded more. Hence, after listening to Sal's contributions, adding Mariachi violins was a no brainer. Fortunately orchestrator and arranger Milton Nelson was available, and added not only lush violins, but an entire string section with complimentary woodwinds. All of these changes have turned a sweet love long into an infectious, commanding and deeply moving tribute to eternal love.

Juntos Siempre will be included and featured in Partners' next CD, which will be released in October 2016, on CD Baby and its partners (Amazon MP3, AppleITunes etc.)

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