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Partners' Hot Night In July

(PDT, UTC-07) (PDT, UTC-07)

Facebook Live , Los Angeles, Ca

Another night of tunes from "The Soundtrack Of Your Youthful Indiscretions" is the name of the game. Whether it's Beatles, Kinks, Bonnie Raitt, Youngbloods etc. covers or our own originals, we'll all be talking, laughing, singing and singing and laughing and talking. Since we can't hear you (but you can us), feel free to comment or hit the emoji buttons. Whatever it takes, let's have a blast into our past, and liven up the joint, no matter where you are.

Hot Momma's Day Eve

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Facebook Live , Los Angeles, Ca

Join us as we warm up for Mother's Day with our "Hot Momma's Day Eve Show," where we'll play some of our own Mom's favorite songs as well as those that celebrate Mom's in general -- especially the hot ones! No cover/Open bar


Join us for our Independence Day/Birthday Bash Weekend Show, sharing some of some of our most popular requests and favorite tunes.

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No time for Summertime Blues when we can get together the first Saturday of every month (unless otherwise notified.  Life is good and so are we.   Although we have started venturing  out with others, home is still where "the heart is," not to mention our health.  Our  monthly live stream,  is now the first Saturday of every month, at 7;00 pm (PDT). If you stop by, please say hello, and feel free to make a song request. If we can't do it right away, we'll have it ready for the next show.

You can join in on the fun at  Tapia Corel on FB. Just because we can be in each other's presence, doesn't mean we can't connect!

For Spanish speakers,  "Juntos Siempre," is a translation by our amigo bueno, Erasmo Salgado,  of "Side By Side." Just hit the "play arrow" in the left column, and "horale."                                                                                                              

Jim's Art Of the Song podcast, "30 minutes R&R History In LA," is up at Art of the Song, where he shares stories from his past in the LA music "scene," as a staff writer, playing clubs on The Strip and meeting various luminaries behind the scenes (like Herb Alpert and David Crosby). To give a listen, hit the button "podcast and interviews,"at the top-right of this page. 


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