She's the One


She's The One is an uptempo rocker, with an uplifting melody, with tight harmonies, driving guitar and make-you-want-to-dance vibe.

Partners, Tapia Corel and Jim Rhodes, have been writing, recording and performing together since 2009. Their music "from and for the heart" is based on real life experiences, so much so, "She's The One" was written as a Valentine gift after their first year together

Their EP "Animated." debuted on Americana Radio in the Top Twenty of the Roots Music Report , in both Alt Folk and Folk categories, and finished #118 in the 2015 Top 200 Folk Albums. "I'm Thankful for the Love" was the #1 Alt Folk Single for three weeks, and finished 2015 #68 in the Top 200 Folk Singles. Enough!, a driving rocker a la "Jagged Pill" ended 2015 at #78 in the same list.

Tapia and Jim's music reflects a blend of folk-rock, jazz and Latin influences, as well as a joyful approach to life's experiences with a "been there/done that and came back for more" attitude. Their 2015 EP "Animated," tells the story of grown-ups who have made mistakes, been redeemed, and learned many lessons the hard way -- sometimes digging in heels all the way down the slopes of change, where, when they land, discover deep rivers of love and satisfaction.

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