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Songs Alive Showcase

The Cork Lounge, 5043 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks, California

Partners 'n Crime will be sharing the stage with some of the most creative singer/songwriters in The Valley, hosted by Jimi Yamagishi, who has quite a track record himself and is all about supporting Indie Music. More details to follow.              

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Partners: Soundtrack of Our Lives

Soundtrack Of Our Lives is the culmination of a project that began in 2015, with the release of our EP Animated. The idea was to expand on the EP with more songs, but then we took it a step further and created new arrangements of a few songs (Sangron, Side By Side), as well as translated Side By Side into Spanish, "Juntos Siempre," ( a true translation). Both are perfect for a wedding or anniversary celebration, and are streaming here.

We were fortunate to have guest players join us, Chad Watson (bass), Teresa James (keys), Mark Ryan (drums and background vocals) and John O'Kennedy (slide guitar, dobro, mandolin, jarana and nylon string guitar).

Here's a list of songs on the entire cd.
(Our full catalog is streaming at

  1. Side By Side (T.Corel, J. Rhodes, ASCAP) 5:10
  2. She’s The One  (J. Rhodes, ASCAP) 4:47
  3. Nights In White Satin (J.Hayward) 5:17
  4. I’m Thankful For The Love (J.Rhodes, ASCAP) 4:05
  5. PO Box 685  (T.Corel, ASCAP)  4:36
  6. Sangrόn (T.Corel, ASCAP) 3:52
  7. Collateral Damage (T.Corel, ASCAP)
  8. Enough! (T.Corel, ASCAP) 5:10
  9. Maybe Someday There’ll Be Peace In This World (J.Rhodes, ASCAP) 4:34
  10. John Riley (Public Domain)
  11. Juntos Siempre  (T.Corel, J. Rhodes, E.Salgado, ASCAP) 5:10

After our last notification from a streaming service (who shall remain unnamed) we had just "earned" one penny for 64 streams, we deciding it was time to get self-sufficient and independent.

As a result, "Soundtrack" is exclusively available here, for $17, including tax and shipping. We have not set up a separate bank account for credit cards, so the process would be to make the request, and we will contact you for more information (address etc.). 

Due to hacking risks, we have not provided a space for  credit card info here, so if you email Tapia at she will take care of you (in between jumping up and down with excitement at making a sale).  However, if you'd prefer to use a credit card, and don't want to wait, call Jim at 818 762-0615 (he has a music store, (ValleMusic), and is set up to take credit cards).

Thanks & keep rockin'!

Partners Full Catalog

Hit the link above for everything we have ever recorded, and below, if you would like to download or purchase.

Soundtrack of Our Lives


Soundtrack fo Our Lives

Here's a link to download the entire cd or select singles.


Sangron, from our new cd, is a catchy Spanglish Tex-Mex style ode to the guy who won't get a job, clean the house or cut the yard, but has no problem wanting a mate who will. Other than that, he's a lot of fun. Hit the link if you'd like to download it.