Tapia Corel


Trumpon was inspired by the 2016 Presidential election campaign, where tens of thousands of people were subjected to insults and subjugation from the GOP candidate Donald Trump.

The song was originally written as "Sangron," about a low-life of a guy who always put himself first, belittled anyone who didn't let him have his way, and used anyone around him, until they were no longer of any use to him. One day, while waiting for a root canal to be performed, I was thinking about Donald and that song said  lot about him. With a few lyric changes,  Sangron could be all about him.

That afternoon, I made the changes and took them to Jim. We laughed about it, and agreed it was timely, and deserved to be recorded. We called our engineer who said he was available the next night, recorded a new lead and background vocal. For good measure, we added social commentary from Khizr Khan and former Mexico President Vicente Fox.

We hope not only that you enjoy it, but that you feel, like us, this needed to be said.

Tapia Corel


Nos dice que he loves us, y there’s no one above us                                                    

Y va comprarnos un mansion in the sky

He says nos quierre  mucho, and he’s our baby Chucho

Y nunca va take us for a ride.

But when I come home from work each day, I hear him shouting “Dejame,”

When he’s yelling on the TV all the time                                                             

Si digamos “Oye. ¿Qué vas hahacer?” He shows us that he doesn’t care

But pretty soon things will be just fine (He’s el)


Trumpón, Cabrón, Huebón,

Quierre qué encantarle cada día

Trumpón,  Sangrón, Chingón

No sabe how to tell the truth today


Un día he’s bighearted, and tells us how he started

To build a business that will be so great

Y habla del futuro, of fancy cakes and churros

How everyday we’ll dine on wine and steak

But tonight we’re eating beans and rice, while he’s out playing, throwing dice

And acting like a big shot with his friends    

Si digo, “Oye. ¿Qué es és?” It sounds as if it’s to impress

His supporters, they’re cabrones just like him (He’s el)


Trumpón, Cabrón, Huebón,

Le gusta que we cook and clean the kitchens

Trump὚n, Sangrón, Chingón,

No sabe how to save himself today


When I hear his fanfarronadas, and I know that he’s got nada

I wonder how this guy could be so lame

And I am learning better, like cheese that you call cheddar

No matter how you slice it, he’s the same

So when I vote on November 8th, I’m going to tell him andale

Chinga tú dinero, you ain’t got none

Si nos dice, “Oye. ¿Qué paso?” We’ll tell him that it’s time to go 

And go back to the cave from where he came  (Adiós)

Trumpón, Cabrón, Huebón,

Quierremos que te vayas,   have a good day

Sangrón, Cabrón, Huebón,

Face it, it’s your  time to andale!


Anda y tambien, just corrale

Come on,  apurate

How many ways can I say “go away???

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