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Tapia Corel


After the positive response we have been receiving for Sangron in live shows, we decided to go back the studio and create a new more lively and authentic arrangement (than our previous version). We added accordion (thanks to the talents of Juan Miguel), a Tres (thanks to the generosity of Margarita de la Vega), a stronger chorus (Juan Miguel, Margarita, Martin, Tapia and Jim), percussion (Martin Sosa), drums (Mark Ryan) and a bunch of "gritos" to push the party-feel, and inspire a few rounds of " cerveza y Margaritas." In 4:46, we did it!

Rebirthing Sangron was so much fun, all the way through.  We are thrilled to share it as a preview.It will be available for purchase, here, in a few weeks.Meanwhile, sit back, kick back and enjoy!




Tapia Corel © 9/2/09


Me dice que he loves me, and there’s no one above me                                                   

Y va comprarme un mansion in the sky

He says me quierre mucho, and he’s my baby Chucho

Y nunca va take me for a ride.

But when I come home from work each day, I hear him shouting “Andale,”

Y toma su cerveza con a lime                                                            

Si digo “Oye. ¿Qué pasó?” He tells me that he doesn’t know

But pretty soon things will be just fine (He’s my)


Sangrón, Cabrón, Huebón,

Quisierra qué yo trabaje cada día

Sangrón, Cabrón, Huebón,

No sabe how to find a job today


Un día he’s bighearted, and tells me how he started

To build a business that will be so great

Y habla del futuro, of fancy cakes and churros

How everyday we’ll dine on wine and steak

But tonight I’m eating beans and rice, while he’s out playing, throwing dice

And acting like a big shot with his friends   

Si digo, “Oye. ¿Qué es és?” It sounds as if it’s to impress

His amigos, they’re cabrones just like him (He’s my)


Sangrón, Cabrón, Huebón,

Le gusta que I cook and clean the kitchen

Sangrón, Cabrón, Huebón,

No sabe how to cut the yard today


Sometimes when he’s tapado, that’s when he’s enamorado

And treats me like the reina of his flame

But I am learning better, like cheese that you call cheddar

No matter how you slice it, it’s the same

So when I come home from work today, I’m going to tell him andale

Y tomo su his cerveza con a lime

Si me dice, “Oye. ¿Qué paso?” I’ll tell him that it’s time to go 

And pretty soon things will be just fine (Adiós)


Sangrón, Cabrón, Huebón,

Quierro que te vayas,   have a good day

Sangrón, Cabrón, Huebón,

Face it, it’s your  time to andale!

Anda y tambien, just corrale

Come on,  apurate

How many ways can I say “go away???


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