Soundtrack of Our Lives

by Partners

Released 2018
Honey Pi Music
Released 2018
Honey Pi Music
"Soundtrack" is the full story that began with our EP "Animated," that narrates our lives before we met, when we "connected,"and where we are now. We hope you enjoy our journey as much as we did, completing this labor of true love.
Musically speaking, our arrangements go from very simple (John Riley) to a driving full R&R band (Enough!), to acoustic instruments complimented by an orchestral arrangement to enhance our tight-knit harmonies, that are as inseparable as us (Side By Side, Juntos Siempre). Embedded in this language of life, love, kindness and regret is an uplifting Spanglish novelty, Tex-Mex song (Sangron, inspired by an ex), and a Spanish translation of Side By Side (Juntos Siempre).

We hope you enjoy this "trip of a lifetime" and highly recommend it for road trips on the coast or into the mountains.

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