We're having a blast bringing "Retro Night," to The Valley, spreading cheer and goodwill through iconic hits of the 60's & 70's, which we have nicknamed "The Soundtrack of Your Youthful Indiscretions."  We're looking forward to a return engagement at MacLeod's Brewery in 2019, and hope you will join us (if you love The Kinks, Beatles, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Rondstadt, Hall & Oats, Moody Blues and Amy Winehouse, we are the band for you).  Our schedule is updated regularly at the Projects/Gigs link above left. 

If  "Soundtrack" sounds like something you'd like to include in your "coming of (old) age party, you can email us at the link above, "Stay in touch!," or call 818 631-1757. It's all  just a click or phone call away.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to listen to our music (and hopefully download), all are available at the "Music" tab above (next to projects & gigs).

For Spanish speakers,  "Juntos Siempre," is a translation by our amigo bueno, Erasmo Salgado,  of "Side By Side." Just hit the "play arrow" in the left column, and "horale."                                                                                                              

Jim's Art Of the Song podcast, "30 minutes R&R History In LA," is up at Art of the Song, where he shares stories from his past in the LA music "scene," as a staff writer, playing clubs on The Strip and meeting various luminaries behind the scenes (like Herb Alpert and David Crosby). To give a listen, hit the button "podcast and interviews,"at the top-right of this page. 


 (The bar on the left has a link to our You Tube videos as well as our Twitter Account. If you like what you hear and see, our music is also streaming at The Standing 'O' Project. Just hit the link below, and check it out!)


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